Eddy Current Inspection

Eddy Current Inspection

Eddy Current Inspection of Carbon Steel tubes and other ferro-magnetic tubes (e.g. Duplex or Nickel tubes) ec-works has developed a new generation of eddy current saturation probes and eddy current inspection software for the fast and reliable inspection of all kind of ferro-magnetic tubes including fin fan tubes and many more.

Why? Eddy current inspections are an effective tool in ensuring trouble-free plant operations.

Type of Services

  • Very fast advanced standard eddy current services
  • Remote Field (RFT) eddy current services
  • Saturated Eddy Current (SEC) for carbon steel tubes (ProBolog®)
  • Rotating eddy current in absolute and differential modes
  • Internal Rotating Inspection System (IRIS) when needed/required
  • Advanced eddy current surface defect testing



ProBolog® Advanced Saturated Eddy Current
technology give a sensitive and fast inspection


EC surface testing as flexible and modern tool to inspect an
equipment and systems in different industrial branches.


Condensers, reactors, cooling devices, heat exchangers
and air coolers with a diversity of common tube dimensions,
shapes and materials as titanium, brass, various
copper-nickel-grades, stainless steels, duplex-grades.


PSEC way to inspect carbon steel tubes with proper
detection sensitivity to the common tube defects as
internal pitting corrosion or cracking. Thus, eliminates the
noise signals and allows a proper eddy current
inspection of ferromagnetic tubes.


Inspections perform during running processes on
high temperate surfaces of up to 200°C (and higher).


No need to remove coatings or dirt accumulation.
Only the isolation has to be dissembled and areas with
noticeably rough deposits need to be cleaned
(e.g. water-ice-blasted).