Vibration Early Warning System

The success of the Dynatrend VEWS System is the result of outstanding features and signal demodulations that allow easy and accurate analysis and understanding of high frequency vibration spectra, wave forms and phase relation-ships, leading to early warning of approaching faults and hazardous conditions. What you get is a system which is specifically configured and instrumented for each type of machine, which gives a very accurate diagnostic of normally non-addressed events like:

Internal Rub


Rolling element bearing degradation


Combustion Problems


Blade Root Fretting


Mid Span Damper Wear


External equipment excitation



The data may consist of approx 50 parameters for a given turbine, compared to maybe 4 parameters from a traditional monitoring.

Advantage of this method is to detect the defects as of their first appearance, to supervise their evolution and to correct them before the appearance of damages. Condition monitoring makes it possible to plan the inventions of maintenance (human resources, spare parts, estimated budget) well upstream of breaks.

Its easy user interface and logic set-up means that operators will gain a better understanding of the machine conditions and behavior. “Out of the blue” breakdowns will in most cases be avoided.

The system is particularly powerful for detecting metal to metal contact problems in:

- Gas and steam turbines
- Gearboxes, on gas turbines
- Gearboxes, step up/step down
- Rolling element bearing assemblies etc.

Conventional condition monitoring systems will not detect e.g. bearing degradation until the bearing suffers actual mechanical damage and the rotor starts to produce an unbalance. This often results in sudden and unscheduled shut-down and also implicates the safety hazards, the VEWS system helps to prevent such major catastrophes. The system is patent pending.